How to Check Windows 11 Error Logs?

If you encounter an error on Windows it is an indication of worry. But, we seldom try to identify the root cause, or don’t know the cause. If you’re looking for the solution, read this article to learn how to find the error logs for Windows 11.  The Most common error of System Error and How to Fix [pii_email_029231e8462fca76041e] Here is Guide to Fix in simple Ways.

Error logs, as their title suggests contain logs with all the details regarding the cause of an error , as in addition to the process or program which caused it, along with the exact date and date the event occurred. The process of decoding information that are contained in them is a challenge.

We’ve put together this tutorial to make it simpler for you to learn how to search for Windows 11 error logs, various kinds, and apply filters to them and remove them.

While some may believe that this is a sophisticated tool for troubleshooting it’s actually very simple and all Windows users should be aware of this.

What’s the reason I should look at Windows 11 error logs?

Before we go deep into the technical aspects it is crucial to comprehend the reasons behind why it is essential to check error logs for enabling Windows 11 as well as previous versions.

If your computer keeps experiencing crashes or you are confronted with an BSOD (Blue Screen of death) error. What can you do to pinpoint the root cause? It is the first thing to review your event logs , and then look through the log of events which was created at the time of the crash. Go through it and identify the root reason.

It’s easy, isn’t it? However, there are many more complexities however, this will make it clear the reason why it’s essential to look at the error logs of Windows 11.

Take note that you’ll likely encounter a range of warnings and errors in this section, however, there’s nothing to be concerned about. If you do not see any problems on your system, you can ignore them.

Sometimes, services or applications may fail to load, or even cause an error or crash. But the OS can be capable of solving these issues in the event that you face problems, you’re safe to go on with your day even if your system is functioning well.

Take a look at the following illustration for an illustration. Service vgc which is connected with Valorant was abruptly shut down and we didn’t experience any issues playing the game. It is likely you Windows is able to to start the service in subsequent attempts.

If we experience issues with the game, this log may help us in determining what is the root of the issue.

Once you’ve realized that reviewing the error logs for Windows 11 is important, let’s learn how to do it.

How do I check for the presence of errors on Windows 11?

“Hold Windows+ Sto to open ” Search “, enter ” View events” in the box in the upper right. Select the search result that matches.

“Double-click” Windows logs within the navigation bar on the left.

You’ll now be able to see five categories. Choose one, and all error logs beneath are displayed on the left.

Click on one of the error logs to view the relevant information regarding them.

You are now aware of how to find Windows 11 error logs, but knowing that on its own does not suffice. There’s a lot you need to know before you can understand these logs, and utilize these logs for your advantage.

What do I need to know about Windows 11 error logs?

If you are looking at your logs, details as well as the event ID are essential in identifying and resolving the problem. Here is the URL to online support to view the log of an event that will give you valuable information.

For example, here is an illustration from the Windows 11 error log when the appropriate driver wasn’t loaded.

What do I need to know about Windows 11 error logs?

If you decide to review your logs, details regarding the event as well as the ID are crucial to pinpoint and correct the problem. Here is a help online link for the log which can provide valuable information.

For instance Here’s an example Windows 11 error log when the appropriate driver wasn’t installed.

Do you know which driver was unable to function, or the device that failed? It’s unlikely, and neither did we initially. But, the 219 incident was an enormous assistance in locating a variety of information, as well as solutions to the problem.

We conducted a Google lookup for ID of the event and we came across a variety of results. We took less than an hour to go from being unsure to figure the root cause of the issue, and the potential solutions. This requires a deep understanding about Windows 11 error logs.

It’s also important to keep in mind that mistakes may not always provide the most useful information. Some may contain words that are difficult to understand or contain excessive the language. In any case, just a Google search is sufficient.

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