9 Online Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

9 Online Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

9 Online Marketing Tools for Small Businesses
9 Online Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

In the most recent decades, the advent of the internet and new technologies has revolutionized the way businesses operate. Developing a digital marketing strategy is no longer a luxury, but an obligation, especially for small businesses. Likewise, it is essential to use the right online marketing tools. Here are 9 marketing tools you need to know if you’re a small business owner.

The best 9 online marketing tools


Completely free for now, Ubersuggest deserves to be called the ultimate tool for SEO and content marketing. Originally, it was designed to simplify long-tail keyword searches based on a specific keyword. This represents a real advantage for positioning content on search engines. For several months, this tool has also given the possibility of performing a detailed analysis of your competitors’ domains and all about the indirect competitor. You can get a view of the products that are bringing in traffic.


If Ubersuggest is not enough for you, SEMrush is an attractive alternative. It is undoubtedly one of the best competitive analysis tools on the market. At first glance, it gives you information on keywords, traffic or the competition’s most visited pages. As a bonus, you can access competitor’s paid ads on Google. And this concerns both the search network and the display. Finally, it integrates the social component thanks to its Social Media Tracker tool.


As the competition is tough, standing out and having a good reputation is important for a small business. In order to gain popularity and brand image, branding is the solution. With DesignEvo, it’s easy to create your brand with a high-quality logo. To do this, all you have to do is select a well-design logo template fitted your niche. Then you modify the style that suits you. This tool is very easy to manage, so you can effortlessly build your visual identity.


Publish, a tool developed by Buffer, is ideal for scheduling all your social media posts from a single platform. This tool is very easy to use. With this tool, programming all of your content can be done several months in advance. It has both free and paid versions. For the free version, you can schedule up to ten posts for three social accounts. In the paid version, accessible from $15, you are entitled to eight social accounts.

Google analytics

Google Analytics is also a free tool but very useful. Indeed, the information it provides you can be very valuable. Easy to learn, it allows you to analyze everything that happens on your business website. This is the case with the number of visits, visitor behavior and even the most visited pages. All you are required to do is set up the Google Analytics tracking code in order to obtain the information that interests you.


If your business markets services and you are looking for effective ways to highlight them, landing pages will greatly help you. You will need a simple and powerful tool like LeadPages. It allows coding with ease. As a reminder, the landing page is a page used to present a product, service, or promotion. On this type of page, the user has only one possible action to do: download an application, register, free trial, etc.

Active Campaign

Emailing is a popular marketing practice. Thanks to the internet, sending emails to a few thousand people with just a few clicks is now possible. Better yet, you can even schedule an email to be sent automatically for a specific action on your website. The tool you need is Active Campaign. Compared to tools of the same kind, it offers a lot more features. In addition, it features more advanced automation options with different scenarios defined in advance.


Whether emailing allows you to communicate with people you know or not, there is a quick and easy way to communicate with your contacts. These are push notifications. You can use Subscribers to help you set them up. With this marketing tool, push notifications integrate with Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. When the contact clicks on “Allow,” you have complete freedom to send them to push notifications. You have the choice between the free version and the paid version.


In our time, social networks have become essential, even for businesses. It is therefore good to take care of your visuals on your social accounts. This is possible using Canva. This tool allows to conceive and realize a personalized and aesthetic design for an advertisement. From preconceived models, In addition, you can use it to produce covers for your documents, events, etc. Canva offers various features like filters, resizing, adding icons and stickers, etc.

Wrapping up

There you have the 9 online marketing tools you need to know to grow your business. It’s your turn. You can try and choose some to assist you in working more effectively.

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