Top Managed Security Trends for 2021

Top Managed Security Trends for 2021

Top Managed Security Trends

2020 was such a massive year as we are now recovering from the worst pandemic of Covid-19 in a century 2021 comes with new hopes and new resolution. Let’s take a resolution to protect ourselves from all the major cyber security threats. 

Today the technology is moving fast and the growth of cyber-crimes are also increasing rapidly whenever we hear anyone saying their site got hacked or faced data breach the question arises on the website security.

Here are some website trends which can be followed by the owner in the year 2021.

Rise in Automotive Hacking 

Automobile industry is becoming advance now a day’s vehicle comes with smart features and advanced technology like airbags, door locks, engine timings and so on. . Many big vehicle companies tend to give these features to their customers such as Tesla and Volvo.  

These features generally work by the use of a Wi-Fi connection or a Bluetooth connection to communicate. These connections welcome threats from the hackers. These hackers gain the control over the vehicle and can harm you adversely.  An Increase in use of automated vehicles can affect your security hence, strict cyber security measures should be taken regarding the same.

Work from Home Attacks 

This is the most common threat which is faced by the world since 2020. Many of us and if an organization point of view your employees are working from our home to avoid a risk of COVID 19. The attackers are waiting for the opportunity to break the security walls and harm the system with the intension of attacking. Files, Folders and Reports are shared via emails by employee’s personal internet connection which can also be infected. These infected viruses can enter the company’s network which can result in huge disaster of data breaching and affecting data security. 

Doubling down on IAM with tools which are capable of analyzing user activities and connection request can help us to reduce these kinds of cyber-attacks.  

Cloud Threats 

In this modern era cloud is used everywhere and it has turned out to be a very useable thing to begin with at least, Work from home has lead us all to the adoption of Cloud many of us share our work related files and folders over the cloud hence cloud security plays a major role to ensure the continuity of the business.

Apart from its usability and its good repute among its users it is still highly prone to attacks and as attackers tends not to lose any weak points in the network. Security measures need to be constantly updated and monitored as well to protect data from leaks or from any other sort of possible mishaps. 

Talking about cloud applications providers such as Google or Microsoft provides their services which are well-equipped with their end-to-end security measures, so a lot of times it turns out to be on the user’s end that serves as mishap center for malicious errors, where malicious software, and phishing attacks are generally targeted to and usually works out for the attackers side. 

Cellphones are not secure

Top Managed Security Trends for 2021
Top Managed Security Trends for 2021

Despite cellphones are very much hard for hackers to get into, as play protect and third party software’s and vendors constantly regulate the security of their devices they have been targeted and have been extorted out of important and confidential data, which should not have happened. But this is largely due to user’s fault. 

Mobile banking is on a big trend today and alone in this sector  50% increase have been reported for malware attacks and other type of malicious activities. All our precious data including our photos, financial transactions, emails and messages have emerged as threats to individuals.

Artificial Intelligence

Due to increase in artificial intelligence methods AI is the new target for the hacker most of the cyber-crimes happens today. Despite of all the assurance of security provided by the AI System manufactures there are some loopholes which need to be covered. This technology can only be deployed within the company if they are capable to provide reliability.  

Presently AI and Machine Learning are bringing immense changes in the field of cyber security but AI is also used to develop smart malware which have the power to break the security protocols and control your data however AI also helps us to protect from these type of cyber-attacks like AI enabled threat detection system are much advance and can predict new attacks and quickly notify for any data breech that might be happening.

Ransom ware getting worse

Ransom ware is trending in cyber security and we cannot ignore the fact that ransom ware targeted for 2020 was comparatively weak and clumsy when compared to more advanced and AI based versions of 2021. Ransom ware attacks are very much target based, such as the Wanna Cry attack was specifically designed for National Health Service hospitals in England, Scotland that infected more than 70,000 medical devices. It is a threat worth reckoned with.

Employee Trojan 

Human commit a lot of mistake as it is their nature to do so, errors done by employees is still one of the main causes of data breech in a lot of companies that have to bear it. An entire multi-billion organization can be put down on its knees with millions of stolen data on any action full of flaws by its employees. And sometimes hackers tend to target employee’s unawareness to get to their goals as it turns out to be very easy to do so for them. 

So making sure that your company creates more awareness about cyber security within the campus to keep your employees knowledgeable and less prone to mistakes so that your precious data will remain safe by all means. 


Cyber Security challenges are faced every year and we are now much familiar with the threats which can affect our day to day operations in this year.

2021 welcomes new cyber security challenges which can be more dangerous when you are unaware and unprepared. 

To fight with these challenges you should take preventive measures and utilize tools and other resources for your security framework. 

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